5 Reasons 2021 Could Be The Year To Buy a Home

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There is never a right or the wrong time to buy a house. If you are planning to get one for quite some time, go for it because now is the time for you. The current market rates are at their lowest now than they have ever been before. Adding to that, there are a lot of governmental schemes and concessions for first home buyers in Sydney to help them through their housing finances today, encouraging them to take the first step in becoming a first home buyer.

If you are still skeptical about the process of purchasing a house and are unaware about housing finances, you need not worry about that because there are a lot of mortgage brokers in Sydney to help you with that and also to find the best offers that are right for you. Though, you might need to work a little while finding the
best mortgage broker for your home. 

There is no right time to buy a home, it is only right when you are ready to become a first home buyer in Sydney. If you have been thinking about purchasing, moving, investing or downsizing a home there are advantages to making 2021 the year you make your move. Here are some reasons as to why it could be your year:

  1. Interest Rates

    The interest rates this year have been the lowest we have ever seen in history making it an ideal year to invest in that property you have always wanted to. The rates are likely to remain low for the next few years, giving you an edge to make a sound decision. There are many important factors that need to be taken into account while planning to become a first home buyer in Sydney, and interest rates are one of the major ones. You can take help from your mortgage broker too when it comes to getting a discount on the interest rates from your lender.

  2. Schemes and Incentives

    Government schemes and incentives for first home buyers help them in taking the first step towards buying a home. It is necessary to do proper research about the current schemes, state and federal included, to make a sound decision.

  3. Location

    Is it not surprising that buying a house in a suburb is cheaper than renting. It costs less to pay a home loan each month than to pay rent. This is good for all the first home buyers in Sydney and around the country who may not realise that buying a property could reduce their home buying costs in the long term.

  4. Plenty of Options around the Suburbs

    Although the overall number of houses for sale in Australia remains low, there are still plenty of suburbs around the country where conditions are skewed towards home buyers. Considering the ‘buyer’s market’, suburbs across Sydney and Australia present a great opportunity for home buyers looking to get into or move within the market.

  5. Mortgage Brokers

    A good mortgage broker can help you find savings on your home loan. They can negotiate a good home loan deal with your lender or help you look for cashback offers and interest rate deals that could help you save on your home loan. Mortgage Brokers take the hassle and complexity out of the process in finding the right home loan for you.

If you are a first home buyer in Sydney looking for a mortgage broker, you can connect with us at https://freshwaterfs.com.au/ or book a free appointment with our best brokers.

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