We recognise that there is no "one-size" solution for the broad needs that most people have. With over 50 lenders, we find the solution that's right for you.

Residential home loans

We offer a wide range of home loans, with over 40 lenders to choose from, including:

  • Standard owner-occupied home loan
  • Investment property finance
  • First home buyers
  • Construction loans, including owner builder
  • Debt consolidation
  • Low doc loans
  • Family equity loans
  • Reverse mortgages (for retirees)
  • Loans for borrowers with credit impairment or bad credit history

Mortgage reviews

In the current economic environment, banks and lenders are regularly revising their loan specifications and releasing new products. We are at the fore-front of a changing market place and we pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly to these shifts in the market. A mortgage review could save you thousands of dollars per year – give it the time it deserves! We offer this as a complimentary service.

Commercial property finance

Freshwater Financial Services have a wide range of finance options to assist property investors and owner occupiers achieve the best pricing and structures through a varied panel of commercial lenders. We can offer:

  • Loans up to 75% of the property value
  • Finance for office, retail and industrial premises
  • Loan terms from 3 years to 25 years
  • Lease -doc loans – serviced solely from the property rental

Construction & development finance

Freshwater Financial Services arranges construction finance for residential, commercial and industrial properties. From home renovations to multi-unit property development, our panel of lenders have a loan to suit your circumstances. Owner builders are also catered for.

Leasing/hire purchase

Freshwater Financial Services can offer Leasing, Commercial Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgages and Novated Leases on a range of products including:

  • Motor vehicles
  • Commercial trucks and machinery
  • Fit outs for offices and factories
  • Plant and equipment

Self-managed superannuation funds

In September 2007, amendments were made to the Superannuation Industry Supervision (SIS) Act 1993, allowing for a regulated SMSF to borrow or acquire assets by a third party.  Beneficiaries of the superannuation fund are held on trust for the SMSF.  An SMSF can now borrow money to acquire property assets up to a maximum of 65% for commercial property and up to 80% on a residential property.

The asset belongs to the superannuation fund and any profits from the sale of the asset can’t be accessed until retirement age.

Talk to us about your SMSF following financial advice from your accountant and legal advice from your solicitor.

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