Aussies eyeing up regional move

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Aussies eyeing up regional move

COVID-19 has changed the housing preferences of many Australians, according to a new survey of nearly 1,100 property investors.

The PIPA Property Investor Sentiment Survey found coronavirus has made 17% of respondents consider moving to another location.

Of those who are thinking about moving, the most popular reasons were:

  • Improved lifestyle = 78%
  • I will be working from home in the future, so I can live anywhere = 46%
  • Housing affordability = 40%
  • I don’t want to live in a crowded city any more = 28%
  • Money is not the most important thing to me any more = 16%

So it’s no surprise more Australians are thinking about buying property in regional markets.

The survey found 22% of respondents believe regional markets are the most appealing place to buy right now – compared to 15% in last year’s survey.

If you’re considering moving to a regional area, I can help you calculate how to fund the move.

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