Buyers enjoying more choice as listings numbers rise

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Buyers enjoying more choice as listings numbers rise

Buyers are increasingly enjoying more choice, with a growing number of properties listed for sale in many parts of Australia.

The number of for-sale properties across the country in July was 0.6% higher than the month before, according to PropTrack.

Even better, listings in July were 4.9% higher than the year before, which is the largest year-on-year increase since 2010.

As always, conditions vary among the capitals cities:

  • Hobart listings in July were 70.0% higher than the year before
  • Sydney up 30.7%
  • Canberra up 24.8%
  • Darwin up 14.4%
  • Melbourne up 10.0%
  • Perth up 4.6%
  • Brisbane down 0.7%
  • Adelaide down 3.6%

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