Buying is cheaper than renting for 27% of homes

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Buying is cheaper than renting for 27% of homes

If you’re wondering whether it’s cheaper to buy or rent, a new report has answered that question.

It’s currently cheaper to buy 27% of homes in Australia, according to PropTrack, although the numbers vary significantly from state to state:

  • Northern Territory = 98% of homes are cheaper to buy than rent
  • Western Australia = 62%
  • Queensland = 51%
  • Tasmania = 41%
  • South Australia = 34%
  • ACT = 29%
  • New South Wales = 9%
  • Victoria = 7%

PropTrack’s analysis relied on a range of assumptions, including that buyers would pay stamp duty, put up a 20% deposit, pay a mortgage rate of 4.62%, experience capital growth of 3% per annum and hold the property for 10 years.

While PropTrack found 27% of the overall housing stock is cheaper to buy than rent, buying turned out to be the cheaper option for 31.2% of three-bedroom houses and 52.6% of two-bedroom units.

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