More properties being listed for sale

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More properties being listed for sale

More property listings are coming onto the market, which should give buyers more choice in 2022.

In November, another 96,346 properties were listed for sale, according to SQM Research. This was 2.3% higher than the month before and 20.4% higher than the year before.

As the charts show, while there’s been a significant increase in new listings, there’s been a big decrease in old listings. That suggests many of these homes have finally found buyers.

If buyers have more properties to choose from in 2022, it’s likely homes will take longer to sell.

Properties listed on realestate.com.au during November took an average of 30 days to sell, which is incredibly low by historical standards. The year before, the figure was 44 days.

In November, the amount of new listings added to realestate.com.au reached their “highest level in a decade” for capital cities and “highest level in five years” for regional locations.

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