RBA to change how it sets and communicates about the cash rate

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RBA to change how it sets and communicates about the cash rate

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has unveiled a series of reforms, in response to an independent review commissioned by the federal government.

Starting in 2024, the RBA board will meet eight times per year to assess the cash rate, rather than the current 11. Meetings will last longer; and, before each meeting, board members will have the opportunity to speak with a broader range of RBA staff.

“The less frequent and longer meetings will provide more time for the board to examine issues in detail and to have deeper discussions on monetary policy strategy, alternative policy options and risks, as well as on communication,” RBA governor Philip Lowe said.

“Likewise, the staff will have more time for analysis, with less time spent preparing summaries of recent developments.”

In another change, the governor will hold a media conference after each cash rate meeting, which “will provide a timely opportunity to explain the board’s decisions and to answer questions.”

Meanwhile, the federal government has decided not to grant Governor Lowe a second seven-year term. As a result, the current deputy, Michele Bullock, will assume the top job in September when Governor Lowe’s term expires.

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