4 best mortgage loans for first time home buyers

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4 best mortgage loans for first time home buyers

Selecting the best mortgage plan can be really draining.

For starters, it is not going to be easy to search through all the various pamphlets and schemes to select the one that best suits you.

Secondly, every potential borrower wants to know the interest rate, the risks involved, and many more facts before finalizing one.

All this can be pretty hard for anyone looking for a mortgage loan. Now imagine how hard it would be for the first time home buyers.

They have absolutely no idea about the various schemes in the market or how to select the best one that is suited to their needs.

So, here is a list of some mortgage loans for first home buyers

  1. Conventional mortgage
    A conventional mortgage means a mortgage that is not backed by a government agency. So who funds these conventional mortgages? The conventional mortgages are usually funded by private lenders like banks or credit unions. Conventional mortgages have higher interest rates than the  government backed mortgages, such as the Federal housing loans.

  2. Jumbo mortgages
    Jumbo mortgages are, in simple words, nonconforming conventional loans. That is, jumbo mortgages are the apt option for you if you are looking to buy a large house. In fact, Jumbo mortgages are usually sought by people who want to buy a luxurious house in an expensive area.

  3. Government-insured mortgages
    These are unique qualification procedures to obtain the government insured mortgages. These loans are aimed at low to mid income buyers. This is because of the flexible qualification required for the mortgage and the down payment criteria.

  4. Federal housing loans
    These loans are guaranteed by the federal housing administration. Federal housing loans are only be used for primary residences. If anyone has had some credit issues in the past, then a Federal housing loan will be ideal.

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