How the home buying process works

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Buying a home is a complex and lengthy process, it became even more daunting if you’re someone who is whirling for the first time. But for everything, there exists a right key, and if you’re a first home buyer in Sydney you can get your head around the basics of how it works, you’re less plausible to be taken by surprises along the journey and your home shopping experience will indeed be easier.

This blog will briefly give an insight into each step you’re possibly going to take during the home buying journey. So if you’ve found your dream home which suits all your needs and can’t wait to live into your dreams, then follow the blog through the end to amass all you’ll need during the process.

Evaluate your budget

It would be really heartbreaking if you’ve to give up on the house you’ve set your heart on. To avoid this from happening, you’re advised to evaluate your financial condition, this will give you an insight into where you stand and also an idea of how much you can afford to borrow. Knowing this will help you start searching for the property which fits your budget.

Seeking the help of a mortgage broker in Sydney they will help you to keep your credit report on track with their factual guidance. After improving your credit report you can check your affordability by using the affordability calculator and home loan calculator to get an estimate of borrowing power and mortgage repayments.

Inspect the property

You’ll inevitably spend plenty of money buying the property thus it’s essential to ensure the property is worth the investment. For that, you need to view the property in person, as well as online.

Viewing property in real life will lend you a deeper understanding of their potential (negative and positive both) and you’ll be able to gauge whether they give you that same incredible feeling which you got from the screen.

Closely inspect all the areas like ceiling, door, windows, water, any signs of mould, taps, flooring conditions, lights, guttering system, roofing, drainage, exterior walls, neighbourhood, enmities, lifestyle, transportation, etc.
If everything gives you a positive vibe then go ahead with the purchasing process.

Make an offer

Once you’re satisfied with the property the next move is to crack the deal. But this can certainly be a tough process because the right approaching price, negotiations can really change the game so it’s important to be cautious and use your words smartly. If you’re a first home buyer in Sydney then we suggest walking together with your mortgage broker in Sydney during the deal as he might be a great help. Or your estate agent will be another best alternative who can bring forth the deals and offer on your behalf. We also recommend asking your solicitor to narrow down all the key points for the purchase in writing for the vendor, as it’ll reduce any chances of misunderstanding as you move further through the process.

Due diligence

Once you’ve done with your offer, now start the waiting game. It usually takes more or less between four to six weeks. The time pace slows a little as you wait for your lawyer to do the legal job. They’ll enquire about the property and examine all the aspects. But it’s always important to ensure you’ve your trusted legal team to arrange a survey and building inspection on that property. If any issues occur you can pull out yourself from the deal without incurring any financial damage. If you find everything perfect then move ahead to the next step.


Once everything is done and you’re happy then sign the contract. This will verify the date you want to complete the purchase, and also at this point, you will be required to pay the deposit for your property. The deposit amount totally depends upon your capacity but usually, you are required to pay at least 10-15% of the total cost at the beginning. However, for new owners, there are certain schemes like the first home buyer assistance scheme which help you lower the burden from your shoulders.

At last

Before settlement, we advise arranging house insurance and paying off all the necessary property taxes.
In the end, you’ll be required to sign both the title deeds for the title of ownership and mortgage deal. After the settlement, your mortality lender will attend to the registration of the transfer into your name right after the process. Furthermore, they will attend to finalise any outstanding matter for sorting the process to make you the owner.

Now when you’ve gathered all the necessary information then make sure you keep everything in mind while going through the process and don’t fall into any costly mistake.

Whether you are a first home buyer in Sydney or already own one if at any point you feel you need expert help then feel free to contact our professionals. Or to get in touch with our exceptionally skilled mortgage broker in Sydney, call on 9907 4624
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