Top 5 suburbs in Sydney for first home buyers

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Top 5 suburbs in Sydney for first home buyers

Up until 2020 it was all about big cities, rush and sparkling city lights, 2020 has turned the tables on our views and preferences. A first home buyer’s choice used to be to live in the heart of the city, but now some are choosing to move into the suburbs.

The pandemic has not only adversely affected our lives but also the way we live. People are choosing to get away from the chaos, a report shows a remarkable growth of properties being bought and sold in regional areas within an hour or two from the CBD.

The mass relocation of the people has increased the demand in the market which has led to a 3.1% increase in prices although there was a 2.1% price drop between April and September. Now with the

consecutive positive growth, the market seems to be rebounding sharply this year.

Every buyer has unique circumstances, goals and aspirations. Keeping all that on the table we have made a list of top 5 hotspots for our first home buyers to invest in.


Bexley is a suburb in South Eastern Sydney, located 14 kilometers south of the Sydney CBD in the local area of the Bayside Council.

The suburb has seen rapid growth in transportation, population, commercial, and industrial areas.  The suburb attracts mass because of its shopping centers.

Bexley is a great choice for first home buyers are it represents great value.


When we think of waterfronts, we often think of beach suburbs, because who doesn’t like beaches! Maroubra, located in the Eastern area of Sydney, is 10km south-east of the CBD in the local government area of Randwick Council

Maroubra has secured a place in the top 5 list not only because of its beaches, but also its ease of transportation, great health-care and effective schools makes it a great suburb for first home buyers.


This historic town in New South Wales is 46 kilometers north-west from Sydney. The town is regarded as an outer suburb. Since Windsor has both urban and rural lifestyles, job growth has created an increase in the need for people.

These outskirts are best to invest if you are seeking an affordable big comfortable house.

Box Hill

Along with seas, cities, outskirts, Hills has also made it to the list. Box Hill is a suburb of New South Wales, located 42 kilometers north-west of the Sydney CBD.

If you want to enjoy city life living away from the city, this is the place you should go to. This city has the best transportation and healthcare services compared to almost anywhere else.


Whether you want a house with water or a mountain view, you get all the options in this suburb. Newcastle one of the best suburbs in the north-eastern portion of New South Wales, is situated near the river Tyne. The iconic suburb is famous for its heritage and popular nightlife.

The regional city is about 2 hour’s drive from Sydney. In the last few years, the sales have seen an impressive growth rate. As it is becoming a new hotspot the prices are still increasing and might get higher in the future.

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