Why a First Home Buyer Should Use a Buyer’s Agent

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Buying your first ever home can give you a mixed feeling, sometimes it can feel exciting and others it can give butterflies in the stomach, after all, it’s surely a whacking task as well as one of the most noteworthy undertakings you’ll make in your life. Searching for the ideal adobe can be perplexing especially for the first-time buyer. Your mind will likely be racing with all sorts of questions like – where should I start from? What can be the best suburbs? What should be my price range? How do I know if I have offered the right price? and many more. And that’s where you need a buyer’s agent to figure out all the answers to your questions. That’s not it! He will help with many more things during the whole process like searching for the right property and starting due diligence when you do find your perfect home.

There are plenty of more reasons you should turn to a buyer’s agent while starting your house hunting journey. In this blog, I will give such more reasons why you should walk along with a buyer’s agent in your first home shopping voyage.

Get Access to the latest information

One of the biggest perks of a buyer’s agent is you get access to all the latest & accurate news. They stay updated with the reports like when a new home hits the market, where a house for sale, etc. So, a buyer agent has access to Multiple Listing Service through which they get you set up with the account so that you can also access all the information at your fingertips as they do.

They exemplify you and your best interests

At the onset of the process, they will ask you several questions associating with your needs and preferences to make a rough sketch of your ideal home or what it should look like. They use this information to search for appropriate properties. As soon as they will find the perfect match they will have your best interest in mind while submitting a bid. They’re like a shadow of you walking together on the whole journey. However, talking about the laws, while you’ll start working with them you’ll have to sign a form which outlines the relationship between you two and the responsibilities they are abided by such as loyalty to the buyer, maintaining confidential information, and encouraging the buyer’s preferences.

Valuation and Finance

For the first home buyer, all the process can be less daunting if they have a buyer’s agent by their side. And among all the aspects one of the most difficult things is valuing property if you’re an amateur. However, that’s where a buyer’s agent helps you by tackling the most crucial evaluating and financing part and gets you a fair deal. Also, nothing can beat turning to a professional to help you get the deal at fair value or even less if you got lucky. You can certainly believe it’s one of their superpowers to be able to evaluate the right purchase price for the home.

The road of difficulty continues till financing and surely it can be a nightmare. Although you may have your loan pre-approval, yet when it comes to financing it, there’s often a pile of documentation to work through. Here again, a buyer’s agent comes to the rescue and helps you to do so while assuring the process is on track. They possess well knowledge of fundamental real estate terms which might be confusing for you.

Help you to select the area

This point is really essential if you’re someone who is new in the area or have recently moved to a new town. Finding a perfect home in a foreign place can be a real task, but having someone with local knowledge can be very helpful and more likely you’ll end up investing in the right property in the right suburb. So it’s an added benefit of having the back of someone who is enriched with the insight and knows their way around the local area well. They certainly know the popular neighbourhood that is appealing to most buyers. Furthermore, they also make sure that the amenities that are essential to you are nearby such as school, supermart, bus stops, transportation, leisure facilities etc.

The list of benefits may go on, but the final conclusion will always be the same i.e they might come up as a best friend who will have your back all the time and probably the best way to look at the relationship. Once you reach your final destination you’d be glad that you took the help of a buyer’s agent instead of going through the buying process all on your own!

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